A Story of Hope

This Chinese man who was a political prisoner in China enclosed a note, asking for help, in a box of Halloween decorations, he and others were forced to make. Follow the link and read the [...]

This Panda Had Twins

Due to incredible efforts over the past six decades, in 2016, the giant panda escaped the endangered species list and is know graded as “vulnerable.”   Read Full Article Here      

New Cancer Medication Looks Promising

A new cancer vaccine involving an immunotherapy drug and a chemical that boosts its efficacy has just shown a 100% success rate in treating melanoma in mice, according to a new study. https://www.sciencealert.com/new-melanoma-cancer-vaccine-combo-is-100-effective-in-mice  

Record Breaking Tidal Power

In its first year of testing a tidal power turbine from the company, ScotRenewables has generated three gigawatts of renewable power. This is a record-breaking performance for a tidal power turbine. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/21/turbine-smashes-records-in-significant-step-for-tidal-power.html

Lovely Reconnection

This is a heartwarming story: A nurse in California just discovered her colleague was a patient she cared for as a neo-natal baby 28 years ago. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think they exist. These [...]

Heroic Siblings Save Family

Hats off to siblings Aaron Allen and Jolisa Jones for springing into action after witnessing a car leave the road and overturn in standing water. Pushing the car over and breaking the windshield out allowed the [...]

New Artificial Intelligence may Remember

One of the biggest problems with bringing Artificial Intelligence up to a level which resembles human capabilities is finding a way for it to remember and build on what it has learned.  Now a research [...]

Exciting New Breakthroughs In Solar Energy

By adding a new layer to common solar cells, UCLA researchers estimate they can reduce solar energy costs by about a fifth, in a relatively simple process that can easily be incorporated into mainstream solar [...]

These Celebrities Care

The following ten celebrities donate millions of dollars to make the world a better place. Read about them at GoodCelebrity.com.  http://www.goodcelebrity.com/2018/08/28/10-celebrities-doing-good-deeds/  

The Coming Internet of Energy

Once the Internet of Energy is fully functioning, creators of energy will be able to buy and sell energy just like we do now with information. Poor countries are leading the way by working hard [...]