We Are Not Alone

It has been believed forever that humans were unique in their ability to tell when other humans were saying something they did not really believe. Researchers at Duke University have determined that other primates may [...]

New York’s New Underground Park

Imagine a beautiful underground park in New York. If these pictures translate to this page, I am sure you will find it as cool as I do. Do you like the Highline park in Manhattan? [...]

New York Library Reveals

The New York Public Library invited Instagram photographers to share the beauty of the renovated reading room, prior to the grand opening tomorrow. It all started with a piece of plaster. On May 30, 2014, [...]

Trying to Find Way to Embed

I am trying to find a way to embed posts that I make on Facebook so that when I post on my News To Inspire page I might not have to duplicate it here. I [...]

Third Try

This will the the third time I try to build a webpage which will highlight news which points to the goodness of the human race. It was hacked twice and I have had to start [...]