A Story of Hope

This Chinese man who was a political prisoner in China enclosed a note, asking for help, in a box of Halloween decorations, he and others were forced to make. Follow the link and read the [...]

This Panda Had Twins

Due to incredible efforts over the past six decades, in 2016, the giant panda escaped the endangered species list and is know graded as “vulnerable.”   Read Full Article Here      

Heroic Siblings Save Family

Hats off to siblings Aaron Allen and Jolisa Jones for springing into action after witnessing a car leave the road and overturn in standing water. Pushing the car over and breaking the windshield out allowed the [...]

Police Stop Changes Multiple Lives

All too often we see stories of the men and women of law enforcement being involved in situations which appear to defy proper training and wisdom. But, I know the real stories, those which are underreported are [...]