Laser Finds Cancer Through Skin

This is an exciting breakthrough in the fight against cancer cells which are transported in the blood. Scientists have developed a laser which will detect cancer cells previously hard to find when being transported in [...]

New Cancer Medication Looks Promising

A new cancer vaccine involving an immunotherapy drug and a chemical that boosts its efficacy has just shown a 100% success rate in treating melanoma in mice, according to a new study.  

MS Drug May Work Miracles

In an study published in the Journal Neurology, researchers testing a Multiple Sclerosis drug, alemtuzumab, found that 28 percent of the group tested showed improved physical conditions. This is rare because while some medications have [...]

Persistence and flexibility are the tools which can lead one to creative solutions of all types of problems. And before you say that this only makes sense, consider that the combination of these two approaches is [...]

We Are Not Alone

It has been believed forever that humans were unique in their ability to tell when other humans were saying something they did not really believe. Researchers at Duke University have determined that other primates may [...]