Food Truck is a Blessing to the Homeless

Hats Off to The Share A Meal food truck, run by the nonprofit Khalsa Peace Corps, founded by founders Ravi and Jacquelin Singh in 2009. Together with 150 to 250 volunteers these generous beings give out hot burritos to homeless people in and around various areas of Los Angeles.

This Food Truck Serves Free Burritos To Homeless People In Los Angeles

This food truck is serving up free burritos, wrapped in community kindness, to people in need. The Share A Meal food truck, run by nonprofit Khalsa Peace Corps, gives out hot burritos to homeless people around Los Angeles five days a week.

On any given night there may only be a couple of volunteers but that doesn’t stop these kind individuals from showing up to serve Los Angeles 20,000+ homeless a hot meal. Read this article and get inspired to somehow help to make the world a better place. They certainly inspire me.

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