MS Drug May Work Miracles

In an study published in the Journal Neurology, researchers testing a Multiple Sclerosis drug, alemtuzumab, found that 28 percent of the group tested showed improved physical conditions. This is rare because while some medications have been shown to slow the effects of MS this is the first one which has shown signs of reversing damage already done by the disease.

Multiple sclerosis drug found to reverse some physical disabilities

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 13 (UPI) — A drug used to treat multiple sclerosis may combat physical disabilities associated with the neurological disease, researchers suggest in a new study. In a study published in the journal Neurology, researchers from the American Academy of Neurology tested the effectiveness of the drug alemtuzumab in restoring physical capabilities lost in patients with relapsing-remitting MS, the most common form of multiple sclerosis.

More about this will undoubtedly be forthcoming but for now read the press release by clicking on the link above.

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