Laser Finds Cancer Through Skin

This is an exciting breakthrough in the fight against cancer cells which are transported in the blood. Scientists have developed a laser which will detect cancer cells previously hard to find when being transported in [...]

Second Chance for Abandoned Belgian Malinois

This beautiful Belgian Malinois was abandoned, left for dead by an uncaring owner. But after being rescued and trained she now detects explosives for the Denver Sheriff Department. Read More Here

Compassionate Uber Driver

Uber driver, Lauren Mulvihill, showed great love and compassion after taking an 87-year-old Veteran home and seeing how he lived.

Tesla Solar Roofing Tiles

Tesla announces that it’s Solar Roofing Tiles, designed to look like high-quality traditional roofing, are in their third iteration and that the price point is nearing that of traditional roofing (once the electricity savings are [...]