Laser Finds Cancer Through Skin

This is an exciting breakthrough in the fight against cancer cells which are transported in the blood. Scientists have developed a laser which will detect cancer cells previously hard to find when being transported in [...]

New Cancer Medication Looks Promising

A new cancer vaccine involving an immunotherapy drug and a chemical that boosts its efficacy has just shown a 100% success rate in treating melanoma in mice, according to a new study.  

Hope For a Non-Addictive Pain Killer

According to New¬†Scientist: Scientists have possibly developed a new pain medicine which targets the same pain receptors as opioids¬†but has no addictive properties.  

MS Drug May Work Miracles

In an study published in the Journal Neurology, researchers testing a Multiple Sclerosis drug, alemtuzumab, found that 28 percent of the group tested showed improved physical conditions. This is rare because while some medications have [...]