Food Truck is a Blessing to the Homeless

Hats Off to The Share A Meal food truck, run by the nonprofit Khalsa Peace Corps, founded by founders Ravi and Jacquelin Singh in 2009. Together with 150 to 250 volunteers these generous beings give [...]

MS Drug May Work Miracles

In an study published in the Journal Neurology, researchers testing a Multiple Sclerosis drug, alemtuzumab, found that 28 percent of the group tested showed improved physical conditions. This is rare because while some medications have [...]

Using a particle accelerator and Float Zone Silicon, Rayton Solar, a company backed by Bill Nye and others, plans to produce high-efficiency silicon wafers just 3 microns thick, slashing costs for solar panels by up [...]

San Francisco Leads the Way

It seems that most trends, in the United States, either start in New York city or on the west coast in Los Angeles or San Francisco. I am hoping that this addition of bike lanes, [...]

DASH Diet Number 1

The DASH Diet has been determined to be the best diet currently being promoted. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension focuses on managing healthy portion sizes and chooses foods which are high in [...]

Virgin Atlantic Commits to BioFuel

Virgin Atlantic has decided to use a methanol based Jet Fuel in its entire fleet. Lanzanol is a low-carbon “alcohol-to-jet” fuel that could reduce carbon emissions by up to 65% compared to regular jet fuel. [...]

Healing Waters

People are traveling from all over the world to experience healing waters in this small community in Fiji. The water in a stream in Dawasamu, Tailevu have been reported to affect all types of healings. There [...]

Persistence and flexibility are the tools which can lead one to creative solutions of all types of problems. And before you say that this only makes sense, consider that the combination of these two approaches is [...]

Glow In The Dark Bike Path

I love this glow-in-the-dark bike path in Poland. The path, after charging in the sun, glows for ten hours in the dark. It would be cool to see how bright it made the path and [...]

Police Stop Changes Multiple Lives

All too often we see stories of the men and women of law enforcement being involved in situations which appear to defy proper training and wisdom. But, I know the real stories, those which are underreported are [...]