Police Stop Changes Multiple Lives

All too often we see stories of the men and women of law enforcement being involved in situations which appear to defy proper training and wisdom. But, I know the real stories, those which are underreported are the heroic actions of individuals who choose to do the work they do because they value and respect society. This is one such story. Upon seeing a young man walking to and from work for five hours each day, this group of police officers bought the young, law enforcement wannabe a new bike so he could make his commute much quicker and easier.


This teenager was walking for hours to and from work – until a police stop changed his life

As its name might suggest, Industrial Way is not known for being pedestrian-friendly. The road in the Northern California city of Benicia is lined with trucking companies, warehouses and metal-finishing factories. As it curves north, before it turns into Channel Road, the street cuts under busy Interstate 680. So when Cpl.


Additionally, the young high school graduate and the police officer who initiated the original contact are bonding and will, at some point in the future, ride together so that the value of choosing a career in policing may be discussed.

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